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Lord Howe Island Golf Course

Golf is addictive. Once it gets into your blood you are hooked for life. The primary driver (pardon the pun) for this addiction is the powerful positive reinforcement delivered by the near perfect drive or putt. Most people are prepared to got through hundreds of ordinary shots to capture the magic of the sweet sound when club and ball connect perfectly.

Golf spawns many jokes, legends and amazing stories. Stories like the exasperated golfer who threw his golf clubs and bag into a lake and then realised when he got back to the Clubhouse that his cars keys were in the bag. He returned to the lake, stripped off, dived in and retrieved his golf bag and clubs. He removed his car keys with a great sense of relief and then threw the bag and clubs back into the lake.

May I suggest that most cities would be hot houses were it not for the lovely parklands which we call golf greens. Golf is exercise prescribed by heaven. Long sweeping fairways, manicured greens, trees, shrubs and picturesque water features make many golf courses a brief excursion to paradise.

Golf in Pictures was launched on the 29th April 2005. On this website we propose to place pictures of many golf courses, memorabilia and golf techniques. If you have some nice pictures then please contact me as we would love to consider them for inclusion on the website.

LATEST ADDITIONS: Photos of golf courses along the Murray River in Victoria.

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